Dear Clients,

Our training program is aimed at developing a community of certified professionals, and providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT products. Whether you prefer the flexibility of self-paced online training, or the structure and interaction of an instructor-led classroom course, there’s an option to suit you.

We have a variety of courses and certifications available. If you’ve signed up on our website already, just click the links below to get started. If you haven’t yet signed up, register now to get started.

ICT Online Classroom

We understand that traditional classroom training is just too inflexible and too inconvenient. With clients of their own to take care of, not everyone can afford to take the time away from the office or to train all technicians at once. Likewise, everybody is unique with their own level of knowledge and learning style, and the pace in a classroom environment does not always suit everyone.

So we’ve taken the ‘in’ out and developed the very flexible and convenient ICT Online Classroom. One of the major benefits of the Online Classroom is that you can fit it around your work schedule.

Anywhere. Anytime. At your pace.

Facilitated Training

Online training is not for everyone and we appreciate that some people prefer the structure and interaction offered in a conventional classroom environment. We still run face-to-face classroom training enabling you to cover the same material in one concise course and under the expert guidance of one of our knowledgeable trainers.

With a much greater focus on real world scenarios, our facilitated courses allow technicians to get their hands on the product and become confident in installing and maintaining ICT systems.

We run regular courses at our training facilities in Abuja Nigeria and in Lagos Nigeria as well as courses in other regions throughout the year based on demand. We can even bring our factory training course to your premises to save travel costs and downtime for your technicians.

Bemztouch ICT Dvision:

Bemztouch Int’l Ltd,  offers a wide range of advanced ICT products and services allowing the implementation of e-Learning, e-Government, e-Procurement, e-Business, Mobile Solutions, Network Infrastructural Development and Overall e-Solutions Concepts and Strategies.

 The division is currently managed by an expert management team with vast international exposure and deep technological experience.

 Web Portal Development and Management (For Institutions And Corporate Organizations)

Our web portal development and management service is backed up with high-end deployment servers and a 24/7 uninterrupted service + zero downtime;effectively designed with high security protocols to meet up with our unique clientele infrastructural needs. We engage in: –

  • Government Portals Solutions
  • Institution Portals Solutions
  • Educational Portals Solutions
  • Merchants Portals Solutions
  • Mobile Application Portal Solutions
  • Medical Portal Solutions
  • Business Enterprises Portal Solutions
  • Hotels, Tourism and Resorts Portal Solutions
  • Security Agencies Portal Solutions
  • Library Portal Solutions
Email Server Deployment and Management

With the latest email server technology in our tech arsenal, we deploy email servers and management services that gives all our client round the clock access to their emails both onsite and offsite nonetheless.

  • Government Agencies and parastatal
  • Institution and NGOs
  • Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges etc.
  • Business Enterprises.
Enterprise Database Deployment and Management

We design robust, specialized, customized and scalable database systems to suit any client’s specifications and processes with our full technical support and effective turnaround maintenance. Our solutions have been deployed for: –

  • Government Agencies and parastatal
  • Institution and NGOs
  • Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges etc.
Cloud Computing Solutions

A cloud is a virtualized server pool, which can provide the different computing resources of their clients. Users of this system need only be concerned with the computing service being asked for. The underlying details of how it is achieved are hidden from the user. The data and the services provided reside in massively scalable data centers and can beubiquitously accessed from any connected device all over the world

Management Information System Design and Deployment

Management information Systems are computerized systems for gathering the administrative, financial, production, and other information that are required for efficient management of organizations, institutions and businesses.

We design Management Information System (MIS) for organizations of varying sizes and different work processes with highly proficient tech support during and after project implementation.

Mobile Application Design and Deployment

With our dynamic programming tools and expert programmers, our mobile application designs and development cuts across: –

  • Fun and Games development application
  • Banking Applications
  • Maps Navigation
  • Utility Application
  • e-Book publishing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel Application
  • Music Application
  • Lifestyle Application
  • Business Application
  • Multimedia application
  • Entertainment
  • Education & Learning
Security Solutions

Security is crucial in today’s lifestyle and business;  nonetheless, we have well equipped security systems and protocols to make our clients infrastructures safe; our security solutions ranges from:-

  • Airport Security Solutions
  • Highway Security Solutions
  • Sea Port Security Solutions
  • Border Security Solutions
  • Office complex Security Solutions
  • Hospital and Institution Security Solutions etc.
  • Homes,Schools, Malls, Parks, Conference Halls.

Installation of MATV, CCTV, Alarm Systems, Access and Security System, Wireless Network, including supply, termination, testing and commissioning.

Application (Software) Development Solution and Training

We develop and implement various software systems according to clients’ requirements and process specifications. Our team of certified programmers and software developers work round the clock to harness new software development tools and techniques. Our solutions cut across numerous clients’ business processes and categories, such as:-

  • School Information & Security System
  • Pilgrimage Information & Security System (PISS)
  • Hospital Information & Management System (HIMs)
  • Hotel Management Information System
  • Banking System
  • Church Management System
  • Attendance system
  • Payroll System
  • POS System
  • Billing System
Data Network Consultation and Services

At Bemztouch Int’l Ltd, our technical consultation service spans from voice and data network design and evaluation, IP telephony network deployment assessment to network operation review and large project management.  We have experience and proven track record in the provision of technical consultation service. We have provided this service to large telecommunication equipment vendor and fixed network service providers.

Project Implementation:

Bemztouch Int’l Ltd is the ideal partner for Institutions, Organizations, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Other Service Providers that are planning to build enterprise ICT solutions from scratch. We advise you throughout the implementation of the project, from the initial definition of requirements to your final fully functioning system.

Project Planning

We draw up the project implementation plan in close consultation with you, outlining each step in the process and defining a realistic schedule.

 Requirements definition

If requested, we provide advice on which specific products to offer, which hardware to install, which connection method is best for the local environment, etc. All solutions are scalable and flexible.

 Hardware and network setup

We oversee the installation and configuration of all hardware involved in our processes and enterprise solutions, including network connections.

 Interface management

We develop customized solutions to ensure that modules of your operations are integrated seamlessly into your current business processing platforms, providing guidance on the design and implementation of interfaces to your existing systems.

 New product launches

If you already have our existing enterprise development solutions, we advise you on the introduction of new products, and manage the full product certification cycle.

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